Club feedback survey

Further to a recent survey please read on to see the results and feedback. Otherwise click here to download the official PDF document.
Q1. Availability for 2015 0-20% - 2 20-50% - 5 50-75% - 6 75-100% - 12
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Q2. What would improve the club? Covers – 91% Bowling Machine – 5% New Mowers – 4% Other answers -"Practice nets" -"Bore hole and Watering System"
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Q3. Thoughts on Membership Cheap – 7% About right – 82% Expensive – 11% Other answers -"I'm not totally sure on the difference between them all tbh"
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Q4. How can we attract more players? Advertise Knock on doors Promote clubs Contact local clubs
Q5. How do you think the club is run? Shambles – 0% Could be better – 33% Okay – 56% Brilliant 11% Comments: -"Communication from field to committee could be better and visa versa." -"People in wrong positions within the club"
Q6. What would you change within the club? Action Plans Better Attitude of players Right people in correct positions Promote the youth club better

The Chairman’s proposals

Q1. Aim to bring more players in (see below) Q2. The club are looking to buying covers and a watering system over the winter months. We need to collect all owed money and encourage money up front from players to help cash flow. Q3. Membership – Glad most people think this is right. We have tried over the years to gauge it and provide a system that is beneficial to the player and club. Q4. We are going to run a strong campaign over the winter. Jez will run this. Q5. We will try and improve the communication within the club from players to committee and visa-versa Q6. We have got a 5 year plan that is circulating the committee at the moment so once agreed it will be published and players should be able to see the direction we are working towards.
Attitude of players – I will keep an eye on this as the clubs’ reputation is key to bringing in new players and developing current players.
Promote the youth players – Give them more of a chance in the seconds. Majority of last season the youth were invited to play games for the seconds but the general feeling is they don’t believe they are ready yet.

Published: September 19, 2014